How to Sign “Homework” in Sign Language

This sign is a compound of the words “home” and “work.” If you are talking about a specific assignment or project, those are different signs.

Signing “Home”

  1. Hand shape: Form your dominant hand into a bent “O” handshape.
  2. Hand location: Start with your hand on the side of your face, close to your mouth.
  3. Movement: Move your hand from your mouth to the top of your cheek.
  4. Facial expression: Keep a neutral facial expression.

Signing “Work”

  1. Hand shape: Both hands should be in a fist shape (also known as "S" handshape), with your thumbs resting against the front side of your fingers.
  2. Hand location: Place your hands in front of you. Make sure your non-dominant hand is facing palm-down. Your dominant hand should be facing outward, so that your wrist touches the top of your non-dominant hand.
  3. Movement: Use your dominant fist to tap on top of your non-dominant fist a few times at the wrist area.

See more about the sign for work.

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