How to Sign "How is your family?" in Sign Language

Knowing how to sign "how's your family" in sign language is not only important, but it also shows you care about someone’s personal life. Imagine being able to communicate with your Deaf or hard-of-hearing coworker in a way that makes them feel included and understood. It shows that you care about their well-being and are interested in their personal life beyond just work. It may even spark a new friendship! So go ahead and add this phrase to your arsenal of sign language skills, not only will it make communication easier, but it will also brighten up your coworker's day. Win-win situation, am I right?

Signing "How is your family?"

  1. How: Start with both hands open and fingers spread apart. Bring your hands close together with your knuckles touching. Roll you hands forward until your fingers are facing up.
  2. Your: Using your dominant hand in a closed "5" position, face your palm towards the person you are talking to
  3. Family: To sign the word "family" in sign language, use both hands to make a letter "F" and circle it around your chest while nodding your head.

Important Note

At the end of this phrase, make sure to raise your eyebrows and make an inquisitive facial expression. This shows the person that you're asking a family.

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