How to Sign "How is your partner?" in Sign Language

For many, their partner is an important part of their life, so it's always nice to ask about them and show interest in that special person in their life. Keep this sign in mind as you are navigating a coffee break or small talk before a meeting! 

Signing "How is your partner?"

  1. How: Start with both hands open and fingers spread apart. Bring your hands close together with your knuckles touching. Roll you hands forward until your fingers are facing up.
  2. Your: Using your dominant hand in a closed "5" position, face your palm towards the person you are talking to
  3. Partner: Place both hands in a closed "5" position, similar to weekend, place the dominant hand on between the thumb and index finger of the non-dominant hand and shake it left and right.


There are several ways to sign partner. Here it's signed SHARE-ER. But you can also use the sign COUPLE, which is done by placing both hands in front of your chest in the "2" handshape; use the dominant hand to tap the dominant index finger to the non-dominant finger, and the dominant middle finger to the non-dominant finger.

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