How to Sign "How is your pet?" in Sign Language

It’s worth knowing the phrase, "How is your pet?" in sign language when you have a Deaf or hard-of-hearing coworker because it shows that you are interested in their life outside of work and are making an effort to communicate with them on a personal level. You might find out you have something in common!

Signing "How is your pet?"

  1. How: Start with both hands open and fingers spread apart. Bring your hands close together with your knuckles touching. Roll you hands forward until your fingers are facing up.
  2. Your: Using your dominant hand in a closed "5" position, face your palm towards the person you are talking to
  3. Pet: To sign the word "pet" in ASL, place your dominant hand on top of your non-dominant hand and quickly move it back and forth as if petting a small animal.


Ask them how to spell their pet’s name and practice your fingerspelling!

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