How to Sign "Meeting Room" in Sign Langauge

Want to let your Deaf or hard-of-hearing colleague that you’re headed to a meeting room for an important meeting? Don’t let them miss out on the big stuff! Be an ally and use this sign so they don’t miss out on anything at work. This can refer to a virtual or real-life meeting room – super relevant for today’s hybrid workplace!

Signing “Meeting”

  1. Hand position: Bend both hands with their thumbs in contact. Face palms and fingers upward.
  2. Placement: Place your hands in front of you, palms facing each other, with the thumbs and index fingers touching.
  3. Movement: With the thumbs touching each other and palms facing each other, bring the rest of the fingers together twice
  4. Facial Expression: Neutral facial expression.

Learn how to sign meeting.

Signing “Room”

  1. Hand position: Form both hands into a “5” handshape.
  2. Placement: Bring both hands at about mid-torso level in front of your body. Face both palms towards your body.
  3. Movement: Move both hands perpendicularly, so that palms end up facing each other and fingers point forward.
  4. Facial expression: Neutral facial expression.

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