How to Sign “Spring” in Sign Language

Birds chirping, flowers blooming, the season of growth (and allergies)! This sign really closely resembles what it looks like when plants are growing. It’s also the same sign for “PLANT!”

Signing “Spring”

  1. Hand shape: Start with your dominant hand in a “closed-O” handshape. Your non-dominant hand should be in a “C” handshape.
  2. Hand location: Bring your hands in front of your body at about chest level. Your dominant fingers should be facing upward. Wrap your non-dominant “C” around them.
  3. Movement: In a quick, sweeping movement, push your dominant hand through your non-dominant hand, going from a “closed-O” handshape to an “open 5” handshape.
  4. Facial expression: Keep a neutral facial expression, unless you’re particularly talking about something exciting about spring. In that case, make sure your facial expression matches that energy!

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