How to Sign "What did you do this weekend?" in Sign Language

A quintessential small talk opener for any meeting! Whether you're genuinely curious or just want to avoid getting straight into business, this is a great phrase to know how to sign to chat with your Deaf or hard-of-hearing co-worker.

Signing "What did you do this weekend?"

  1. This: Using your dominant hand's index finger, point directly forward
  2. Weekend: Using both hands in a closed "5" position, place your non-dominant hand in front of your chest, palm facing your body. With your dominant hand, slide the palm along the top of the non-dominant hand until it falls off
  3. You: Using your dominant hand's index finger, point in the direction of the person you are talking to
  4. Do-Do: Put both hands into an L-shape, then touch the index finger toward the thumb several times
  5. What: With both hands in an open "5" shape, palms facing up at hip's level, shake both hands inward.

Fun Fact

The sign DO-DO can mean several things: "what are you doing?" "what do you mean?" "what?" Generally, any time you are confused or need more clarification, you can use this sign!

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