Caption Real-Time Conversations from Any Video Conferencing Tool

Why should Deaf and hard-of-hearing people be limited to captions for just one or two video conferencing meeting apps? Captioning solutions should provide access to any conversation, any audio, and video, regardless of where it exists: mobile or desktop, live or recorded, online or offline, in person or distant.

With so many online meeting platforms, loved and loathed by different companies, there’s no standard. Zoom is no doubt the most popular since the pandemic, yet Google Meet and Webex continue to keep pace with millions of loyal users. Plus there are new entrants into the videoconferencing market all the time.

Accessibility should be available not just to all who need it but across all platforms and apps. A captioning app should work across any online meeting app: Zoom, Meet, Webex, MS Teams, and any other online app that has audio, video, chat, and collaboration tools, including Facebook Live, YouTube, podcasts, and more.

Ava CC offers real-time captions for Zoom, Meet and Teams, as well as RingCentral Meetings, GoToMeeting, and others. And just because your work or school uses Zoom, doesn’t mean another organization will use the same video conferencing platform. Captioning meetings from multiple platforms requires captioning software that works with all. You don’t want to be stuck with the proprietary captions of one service when you need captions across all. That’s why Ava created its latest desktop app, Ava Closed Captions, aka Ava CC. It works across any and all video conferencing apps.

Ava will also caption 1:1 “phone calls” from Slack and similar apps. In fact, Ava is future-proofed to provide captioning for expected video conferencing releases from Slack, Discord, and others. Not to mention Ava will caption YouTube, Vimeo or other videos. Need Apple FaceTime captions? Check. Facebook Live captions? Check.

Ava can caption virtually any audio or video service that’s available. Regardless of the situation, Ava will caption it with precision. And if you want near-perfect results, try Ava Scribe, which combines the best artificial intelligence real-time captioning with human corrections for near-perfect accuracy.