Love Without Limits: Celebrating Love in the Deaf Community

Valentine's Day is a special day that celebrates the timeless love that exists between couples. The Deaf and hard-of-hearing community has always been known for their strong support networks and connections with each other. This community shares a unique experience, and in the process, they have created a beautiful and supportive ecosystem that gives them the strength to pursue their dreams and ambitions. Let’s celebrate them this Valentine’s Day!

Our Signed World



Meet the special family of Our Signed World! There's Zachary, who is Deaf, and his wife, Courtney, and their daughter, Madison, who can hear. Back in 2018, Zachary and Courtney started a YouTube channel to show everyone that Deaf and hearing families can be awesome together. They wanted to prove that being Deaf is not a bad thing (in fact, quite the opposite) and share how fun their family life is.

Zachary and Courtney met in college after Courtney took an ASL class and was able to slowly, say hi to Zach. It was an awkward exchange that later translated into a few more awkward exchanges until their first date a few months later. They often had to fingerspell or use the keyboard on their phone to communicate. 

Courtney kept taking more ASL classes and immersed herself in the Deaf community and after three years of dating, they got married! Courtney is now an ASL interpreter and they have a beautiful daughter, Madison. Check them out on social media to follow their journey!

Chantal & Teisha

Deaf Lesbian Love Story - Canada - Dancing With Her


Teisha and Chantal's love story began in the fourth grade when they were introduced through Chantal's best friend, Lucia. Despite attending different Deaf schools, they maintained a long-distance friendship that gradually transformed into a romantic relationship.

Over the years, their relationship faced both memorable and challenging moments. Teisha, who is profoundly deaf and comes from a Deaf family, would stay at Chantal's parents' place. Teisha's vibrant personality left a unique mark as she playfully stomped around and banged cabinets, creating a lasting impression on Chantal's family.

They held a long-distance friendship for a very long time and eventually, that turned into something so much more. In the face of reality, Teisha and Chantal's love story is a testament to the strength of their connection, the resilience of their bond, and the genuine joy they find in each other's company.

Julie & Joshua

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In the summer of 2012, Julie and Joshua's love story unfolded in the world of Instagram. Joshua's likes on Julie's photos sparked a game of virtual tag. After a bold move to connect on Facebook, Julie discovered Joshua's remarkable achievements despite being deaf. Touched and inspired, she reached out to thank him, initiating a conversation that quickly escalated to a Skype call.

The nerves were palpable, but the seven-and-a-half-hour call solidified a unique connection. Julie, feeling a mix of excitement and fear, boarded a plane to meet Joshua in person. Their first encounter at Chili's showcased Joshua's lip-reading skills, and as the night unfolded, they fell in love. They've now been together for six years and married for three. Follow along on their journey at Julie's website.

The Deaf community is often seen as a separate entity by mainstream society. However, this thriving community has created a beautiful ecosystem of love, support, and resilience. Some may believe that communication barriers pose a significant disadvantage, but these love stories prove that love is more than just spoken language. Love is about creating connections, sharing experiences, and looking beyond disabilities to see the humanity in each other. 

It is a powerful reminder that love knows no limits and can transcend barriers that many believe to be impossible. On this Valentine's Day, we celebrate the strength and beauty of these individuals and the love stories they have in the Deaf community. Happy Valentine's Day!