How to Sign "Animal" in Sign Language

Knowing the sign for animal in sign language can come in handy in surprising moments. Imagine walking down the street and spotting a cute dog, but then realizing the person walking it is deaf and communicating through sign language. By signing "animal," you have not only brightened their day by acknowledging their furry companion but also bridged a potential communication barrier. Plus, who knows what other animal friends you might encounter in your daily life that could spark a friendly conversation with someone who uses sign language? It's just one more way to connect with others in this diverse world we live in.

Signing: Animal

  1. Hand Shape: Place your hands in a closed "5" handshape.
  2. Sign Location: Place both hands in  front of your chest, with your fingers touching the top of your chest
  3. Movement: Move both hands slightly inward and outward.
  4. Facial Expression: While signing "animal," you can use a neutral expression unless you're specifying a particular type of animal, in which case you may mimic its facial features.


ASL has specific signs for various animals, so this sign is often used in a more general context.

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