How To Sign "Family" in Sign Language

In ASL, the sign for "family" not only represents the concept of close-knit relationships but also celebrates the strong bonds within Deaf communities. It's a symbol of unity and solidarity among Deaf individuals, showcasing the cultural significance embedded in sign language.

Directions for Signing "Family" in Sign Language

  1. Hand Position: Start with both hands in the “F” shape, in which the index finger touches the thumb, while the rest of the fingers stay up.
  2. Starting Placement: Begin with both hands near your chest, with the thumbs and index fingers touching each other.
  3. Movement: Move both hands outward motion, creating a circle away from the body, until the pinkies touch.
  4. Facial Expression: A neutral or warm expression is appropriate when signing "family."


This sign beautifully encapsulates the concept of family and the bonds that tie them together. It is part of a similar way of signing group, team, and more bodies of bonded people!

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