How to Sign “Tiger” in Sign Language

The tiger, with its striking stripes and powerful presence, embodies strength, agility, and beauty. Learning to sign 'tiger' in American Sign Language (ASL) not only enriches your vocabulary but also celebrates the magnificence of these iconic big cats.

Signing “Tiger”

  1. Hand shape: Extend both hands into an open, bent ‘5' shape, resembling the whiskers of a tiger.
  2. Hand location: Hold your hands near your cheeks, as if indicating the location of a tiger's whiskers.
  3. Movement: Move your hands outward, while bending your fingers, as is tracing the outline of the tiger’s whiskers.
  4. Facial expression: For the most part, you can keep a neutral facial expression. If you are talking about the ferociousness or restfulness of the tiger, make sure your face and movement match that!

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