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Because fast, reliable, and accurate captions are critical for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people, we made sure Ava is available via any web browser. Be in the conversation by using Ava Web to generate live captions for any occasion.
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What is Ava Web?

Ava Web serves all live caption needs via your web browser. From in-person meetings to conference calls to any online media, keep Ava Web open and captions will appear for all audio transcription needs.

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Unite your team

Make communication barriers disappear with captions that are fast and up to 99% accurate. Improve work culture and team communication with the power of Ava at your fingertips.

Cloud Transcripts

Ava Web will automatically save your captions as transcripts to the cloud. The caption transcript will be available to read later — plus you can take advantage of our Conversation Summary feature with Ava Pro.

Caption. Communicate. Collaborate.

With Ava Web, everyone can use their computer or phone to join — even without an account. Have your friends or colleagues join as a guest so you can fully participate in any conversation.

Ava Web Features

🤟🏼 24/7 live captioning
✍🏼 Ava Scribe
🔗 Ava Connect
🏘️ Group Conversations
㊗️ Translation in more than 16 languages

☁️ Cloud Transcripts and Summaries
🤬 Curse Filter
🗣️ Text-to-Speech
🏨 Guest Conversations
🛜 Offline Mode

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