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Say Hello to Total Accessibility

With 24/7 real-time audio transcriptions, Ava’s Mobile App is ready to caption conversations in any setting. For caption needs in a classroom, business meeting, doctor’s appointment, out shopping or socializing, and anywhere in between, Ava has your back.
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What is Ava Mobile?

The Ava Mobile app for iOS & Android provides 24/7 accessibility with one click. With the power of AI, Ava instantly transcribes verbal conversations to provide accessibility in any social setting.

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Discover Clarity

If your voice is frequently misunderstood or if you do not voice at all, Ava’s text-to-speech feature has you covered. Type in text and let Ava transform your messages into spoken words to ensure you are heard and understood.

Unleash Instant Captions

Enjoy around-the-clock accessibility with Ava’s mobile app — compatible with both iOS and Android. Whether you're socializing with friends or visiting the doctor, pocket captions are at your fingertips 24/7

Total Access

Experience poor service or lack of internet connectivity? Regardless of the circumstances, Ava Mobile ensures continuous captioning capabilities—even without an internet connection.

Ava was created by, and for, Deaf and hard-of-hearing people. We understand the need for 24/7 access, anywhere.

Ava Mobile Features

🤟🏼 24/7 live captioning
✍🏼 Ava Scribe
🔗 Ava Connect
📣 Ava Voice

㊗️ Translation in more than 16 languages
🧠 Smart Recap

☁️ Cloud Transcripts and Summaries
🤬 Curse Filter
🏘️ Group Conversations
🏨 Guest Conversations
🛜 Offline Mode
🏘️ Group Conversations

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