Total Access for Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing People

Break down communication barriers between the Deaf & Hearing worlds through Ava Closed Captions. In one click, display instant captions for your conference calls, videos, or podcasts through our app for Mac or Windows.
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What is Ava CC?

Ava Closed Captions (CC) is the fastest and most accurate live captions solution through a desktop app to provide captions for any media, conference call, and more! Ava CC is available for Mac or Windows computers and free for all users.

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Accessibility for All

Ava CC integrates with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meets, FaceTime, and any other video conference call service for live captions during any online meeting.

Create Equality

Ava CC is the most advanced live captioning solution that includes group conversations for up to 25 devices. Group conversations improve all caption accuracy & quality, which makes it great for work and school.

Faster than CART

Ava’s live captions generate faster than CART, are easier to schedule, and meet ADA guidelines. Ava Scribe combines live captioning specialists with AI for maximum accuracy at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional CART services.

Ava CC Features

🤟🏼 24/7 live captioning
✍🏼 Ava Scribe
🔗 Ava Connect
🏘️ Group Conversations
㊗️ Translation in more than 16 languages

☁️ Cloud Transcripts and Summaries
🤬 Curse Filter
🗣️ Text-to-Speech
🏨 Guest Conversations
🛜 Offline Mode

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