How To Sign "How" in Sign Language

In ASL, the sign for "how" is a versatile question word. It allows signers to inquire about the method, manner, or process of something without using spoken words, showcasing the adaptability and expressiveness of sign language.

Directions for Signing "How" in Sign Language

  1. Hand Position: For both hands, start with open hands and fingers spread apart. This is similar to the "5" handshape in ASL.
  2. Starting Placement: Begin with both hands in front of you, palms facing each other and slightly tilted toward your body. They should be at about chest level.
  3. Movement: Start by bringing your hands close together with your knuckles touching. Roll you hands forward until your fingers are facing up.
  4. Facial Expression: Furrow or lower your eyebrows, a common facial expression for wh-questions in ASL. Your expression should convey a sense of inquiry.


Remember, the fluidity of the motion is essential for this sign. When signing "how," the movement is smooth, flowing from the hands being close together to moving apart in an arc.

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