How To Sign Who in Sign Language

One of the most important signs in sign language, you can use “who” to clarify exactly who the signer is talking about. Sometimes, when things aren’t clear, this is an easy sign to interject with to get clarity.

Directions for Signing "Who" in Sign Language

  1. Hand Position: Use your dominant hand to form a "L" handshape, which is made by extending your index finger and thumb while keeping the other fingers tucked into your palm.
  2. Placement: Hold your hand near your chin with your thumb close to your chin and your index finger pointing forward.
  3. Movement: There is no major movement for the sign "who." The hand stays near the chin in the "L" position.

Facial Expression:

Since "who" is a wh-question word, your eyebrows should be furrowed or lowered (a typical facial expression for wh-questions in ASL). This is an important aspect of the sign, as it conveys that you're asking a question.

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