How To Sign Where in Sign Language

This sign is like creating a virtual map with your hand, making it a unique and visually intuitive way to inquire about locations.

Directions for Signing "Where" in Sign Language

  1. Hand Position:
  2. Use your dominant hand to form an "index finger" handshape, where the index finger is extended and all other fingers are closed into your palm.
  3. Starting Placement:
  4. Begin with your hand near the side of your body, about chest level, with the index finger pointing up.
  5. Movement:
  6. Move your finger side to side, as if “wagging.”
  7. Facial Expression:
  8. As with many wh-question words in ASL, you should furrow or lower your eyebrows to convey the interrogative nature of the sign. This facial expression helps indicate that you're asking a question.


When signing "where" in ASL, you're essentially asking about the location or place of something, making it a fundamental question word in sign language conversations.

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